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Satay Bar has been a part of the Brixton community for over 20 years.

In that time, we have seen Brixton thrive and grow into one of the most popular areas in London. We take pride in being a Brixton establishment and we believe it is important to support the local community.  During the year of our 20th anniversary we are committed to involving ourselves further in the continued growth of Brixton and its people.

Satay Bar contributes to a number of different projects around Brixton. Whether it is offering our catering services to the Black Cultural Archives or sponsoring the career of a young local athlete, there are a variety of programmes that Satay Bar is involved with that you can learn more about below. 

BCA in Brixton

The Black Cultural Archives in Brixton is a project to archive the experiences of black people in the UK.

Mosaic Clubhouse

Satay Bar support the work of Mosaic Clubhouse, a local charity dedicated to the treatment of mental health issues.

Raffle Prizes

Satay Bar has helped many local organizations raise money by offering complementary dinner-for-two vouchers, usually valued at £50, to be used as raffle prizes.

Tarriq Roach

Tarriq Roach, 15 years old, is a young Brixtonian who is the top Epee fencer in the country for his age group.

However, we believe more can be done.

... and for the next few months Satay Bar is committed to helping the work of local organisation, Mosaic Clubhouse, who provide opportunities for local people suffering from mental illness. Look out for our Christmas fund-raising campaign "you don't have to be Crackers" and if you want to support any of these worthy causes you can do so by following the links to their websites.

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